Monday, August 19, 2013

Drab 2 Shab

It's time....
Trailer Time!!!

As many of you know Tonya and I are never at rest. Its go-go-go all the time in every direction.
 One morning after a our daily trip to get some good old fashioned caffeine we came up with this

"Oh So Brilliant Idea". 

We needed a Vintage Trailer for our crafts... one we could pull around and sell our creations out of.... 
A trailer we could name and love and fix up!!!  I mean how cool would that be right???

Well needless to say i think we might have drank a little too much caffeine!!!

AND Of course...
We found one!!!

One heck of a steal,
 One too good to be true deal,
One big huge... PROJECT!!!. 

Little did we know. ...

We decided to name our beauty
 She was far from beautiful... but like many of you junkers out there .....Tonya and I saw every ounce of potential in our new found love. Somewhere underneath all the rain wrought, mildew, and nasty old stains was our diamond in the rough... It would be Easy as Pie!!!


Things are always so easy to take apart. 
A little elbow grease....a couple tools... and a "Brandon".
Like i said... Easy as pie.

They always say big things come in little packages...
well this one is just that. Don't ever be fooled by the looks of this little gal. 
She can out work the rest of us times 3!!!

We never would have imagined the work flipping a trailer would take. And did i mention we decided to do this 5 days before our scheduled show date??? Nothing like deadline to keep ya going.
To sum it all up in a nut shell... well i guess a trailer shell, we really did have a great time flipping our sweet little trailer. Every penny spent, every sweat drop, and every cuss word along the way helped make our "Blanche" a reality. 

And at last we finally made it....

All and all it was quite the Journey to say the least.
Be sure to stay tuned for our future post with pictures of the show and inside of the trailer.
As always we hope you follow your dreams and find your own outlet of creativity!!!

Love always,


  1. I definitely need one of those "Brandon's" to fix a few things for me.....I know the work involved with Blanche(Love that name!!) and you did a fabulous job,(as usual) Rob is doing the same thing to a fixer up trailer he bought. This is his 2nd one. He had to sell the first to pay for Jedrek's stay in NICU. Loved this post!

  2. You guys are truly amazing! Blanche was a work of art! So glad to run into you at Flea attitude! Can't wait for the next show.

  3. Thanks so much, you guys are so nice. We love doing what we do and it's the support from those like you that make it worth while!!

  4. So of art. You guys are so talented and I just love everything you do! I am dying to see you and I think keep missing your shows. I will drive to wherever to see your next one!

  5. Love Blanche!!! You guys did and AMAZING job.... So worth it.... Can't wait to see her in person...

  6. ok i totally didn't know you pulled all that off just before fleattitude! you guys are amazing!! Blanche is beautiful inside and out, love the new social media icons too ��