Sunday, March 17, 2013

We just couldn't wait any longer to share with you all the connections and friendships we made at the Vintage Whites Market.  Each were such inspiring individuals. We had so much fun meeting all of our wonderful new friends:) 

Be sure to check them out below!!!

These two ladies were so friendly and nice to us. One look at their handcrafted quilts and i knew we were in for a treat:) This duo was so charming and absolutely lovely.


We shared one of the elevator rides with a couple of smiling gals.  On the way up
one of them said..." Are you the Pear people?"   We started talking to them and found out they were going to be our neighbors... and what sweet neighbors they turned out to be!!!!!

Visit their page 


During the market we were able to listen to this amazing duo. It was the cherry on top of a great time.
Their voices are so amazing. I was so stoked to get a signed copy of their CD..... not to mention a great photo. These two are bound to make it big:)

Visit them


 Where to begin... 
How about the amazing retros style of these vintage women. 
One glance at their incredible booth and im sold!!! 
We were able to sit and shoot the breeze and became friends within twenty min:)

Retro Betty
2821 S. 2300 E. 
Salt Lake City


  1. Absoultely awesome show, you guys, and your booth was my very, very favorite ... not surprisingly. Just bought your awesome double metal tray at Treasures, and I am posting what I did with it on my blog tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, your such a sweetheart!!!! We stopped by and saw your green house..... OMG!!!!!!! Its amazing.