Sunday, March 17, 2013

We just couldn't wait any longer to share with you all the connections and friendships we made at the Vintage Whites Market.  Each were such inspiring individuals. We had so much fun meeting all of our wonderful new friends:) 

Be sure to check them out below!!!

These two ladies were so friendly and nice to us. One look at their handcrafted quilts and i knew we were in for a treat:) This duo was so charming and absolutely lovely.


We shared one of the elevator rides with a couple of smiling gals.  On the way up
one of them said..." Are you the Pear people?"   We started talking to them and found out they were going to be our neighbors... and what sweet neighbors they turned out to be!!!!!

Visit their page 


During the market we were able to listen to this amazing duo. It was the cherry on top of a great time.
Their voices are so amazing. I was so stoked to get a signed copy of their CD..... not to mention a great photo. These two are bound to make it big:)

Visit them


 Where to begin... 
How about the amazing retros style of these vintage women. 
One glance at their incredible booth and im sold!!! 
We were able to sit and shoot the breeze and became friends within twenty min:)

Retro Betty
2821 S. 2300 E. 
Salt Lake City

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Robinson Cottage Collection

Tonya and I were blessed with the chance to meet the amazing Robinson Cottage Collection at the VWM.  They were some of the funniest and most captivating vendors i have yet to meet. We became instant fans of them and their creations.  And not to mention their incredible booth....... can you say Inspired!!!!! We laughed and joked the whole time with these infectious gals!!!  YOU must see their items in real life. They are to die for:)

***Stop in and catch the fever with these gals***
32. W. Main Street.  American Fork

Take a look at their amazing things... I want one of each!!!

Love, Love, Love this garland  :)

 One stop shop. I'll take the pillows, frames and well.... all the rest!!!

We just can't say enough about how incredible the gals for Robinson Cottage were.  It's vendors like this that become instant friends for life. We were so inspired by what they had to offer and loved every minute we were able to spend with these infectious and fun ladies. 

***be sure to check out their blog... They are sure to be a hit!***

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Enter and Win

Its time for the highly anticipated - 2 Pitts Of a Pear give away!!!
Be sure and follow us to be entered to win this handmade vintage inspired purse:)

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If your already one of our awesome followers, congrats your automatically entered!!!

Contest will end the last week of March. Hope you enjoy!!!

Hey Everyone,
   We had one of the funnest weekends of our lives. As many of you know we attended the 
  Vintage Whites Market.  It truly was one of the most inspiring and entertaining venues we have been to. Many thanks to Vanessa and Janna, two of the most incredible ladies, who made this venue happen. They did an incredible job! 

During the show we had the opportunity to meet so many great folks. All of the vendors and shoppers were more than willing to be our friends..... It was AWESOME!!!  We are going to devote the next few upcoming post to some of these incredible people:).. so be sure to stay tuned!!!

***The cherry on top of this great time was hands down meeting the one and only*** 

JO Packham 
Creator & Editor-In-Chief of
Where Women Create

Check out some of our fun times below!!!!

Tonya and I with our creation called - "Le Booth'" 

We had so many items. It was great to see them leave with such inspired shoppers.

This is my all time favorite memory of all.... meeting Jo Packham. I kept telling Tonya that I was going to search the whole building for her and take a picture. Then opening morning- much to my surprise- she walked right into our booth and was more than willing to take a shot with me. 


I look forward to working with this incredible lady and possibly becoming a feature in this amazing magazine.

If any of you are not familiar with the magazine "Where Women Create"  
Here is your chance. The content in this book is so inspiring and unique. Every time it comes out we wait in line for the new addition. It truly is a must have!!!
Check them out....

We want to thank all those who supported and visited us this weekend. 
It would not be possible with out all of our friends and followers.
Hope you have a great and inspiring week.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vintage Whites Market

Hey everyone just want to wish you all a happy Vintage Whites Day!!! If you still haven't made plans to attend be sure to:)  We were able to see some of the vendors items last night and trust me your going to love what they have to offer. Stop on in and and say hi, we would love to visit!!!