Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Devoted to Swiss

Swiss as in Alps....Swiss as in Cheese.... Swiss Days is near Lord help me please..... I seem to have misplaced my hot glue gun!!!! 

          WeLCOme again to 2 Pitts of a Pear. A place where once you start ... you snowball deeper into the extremely happy life of crafts galore.  It seems these days Tonya and I are running at a faster pace each and every day, But there is great news for all the endeavor.... WE're BriNGin our MeSs to a BOOth NeAR YOu!!!!

         I  thought I better let all our followers know were still alive, and give them a sneak peek of some of the  great projects we've started to put together. You can see our full collection in posts to come or in person August 29th-31,  at Seasons Of Home- 6th S.  200 W. in Midway UT during the Swiss Days Celebration. 

* And  be sure to add us as your friend and follower to be entered into the upcoming give away!!!!


  1. You had THE CUTEST STUFF AT SWISS DAYS! I VOTE BEST BOOTH! How creative you both are, congratulations. LOVED your witches.

  2. Just came home to Highland from Swiss Days...you were the most original booth! I bought one of your black birds and will be posting it on my blog with a link to your blogspot. I am also a new follower...so I will be able to see any new posts you do. Thank you for sharing your fun and creative items...you made the trip to Midway worthwhile! =D