Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ITs the "Remember September Give Away!!!"

We are so excited to bring you you the "Remember September Give Away!!!".
All you have to do is remember to add us into your blogging circle. Simply click and "Follow" us   to be entered into the drawing. This months prize is a one of a kind Witch named
"Gretchin". She was hand sewn and embellished just for this special occasion. A "must have" for this upcoming Halloween

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Devoted to Swiss

Swiss as in Alps....Swiss as in Cheese.... Swiss Days is near Lord help me please..... I seem to have misplaced my hot glue gun!!!! 

          WeLCOme again to 2 Pitts of a Pear. A place where once you start ... you snowball deeper into the extremely happy life of crafts galore.  It seems these days Tonya and I are running at a faster pace each and every day, But there is great news for all the endeavor.... WE're BriNGin our MeSs to a BOOth NeAR YOu!!!!

         I  thought I better let all our followers know were still alive, and give them a sneak peek of some of the  great projects we've started to put together. You can see our full collection in posts to come or in person August 29th-31,  at Seasons Of Home- 6th S.  200 W. in Midway UT during the Swiss Days Celebration. 

* And  be sure to add us as your friend and follower to be entered into the upcoming give away!!!!