Sunday, February 19, 2012

Star of My SHow.

I love to visit flea markets because you never know what you will find.  At the last market my eye caught a frame less girl on canvas. Much to my pleasant surprise she was only a few bucks, and for that price i just couldn't pass her up. Of course she was not "blinged" out enough for my taste so here's what i did.

I started by using a scrap piece of burlap from a previous project. There was a giant hole in it, so it felt right to make it into the shape of a girl. I added a little twine around the edges.  I love to incorporate glitter into all my projects, so i glued a little surrounding her body.

Over the years i have found glitter to be really expensive. So i settle for the cheap (large flaked) kind found in the arts and crafts section for kids.  It has the same effect for half the price!

Next, i simply glued some Acrylic stones to her dress for added depth and drama.

I used 2 Pitts of a Pear vintage ribbon bundled in loops next.  I hot glued it into the corner for added texture. This ribbon is hand dyed and brings a lot of character to any project. I especially love the vintage appeal it provides.

You can purchase this ribbon anytime from us by email or at our booth locations.  Each bundle is unique and different. Available in 12ft, 24ft, and 33ft. It certainly makes a huge impact for  a little cost.

I finished off this piece with some hand made flowers and buttons. A simple fringe was hot glued to the edges bringing the whole thing together. I then tied some ribbon to the back to hang the piece. This plain jane find became the star of my show!!!

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