Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boxed Up!!

I recently found a couple plain and worn down boxes at the local thrift store. They caught my eye and the next thing ya know i had bought them all. A minor dent at just .75 cents each. I figured "what the heck they deserve to have a moment of glory", so with a little TLC i revamped them into boxes that shine and ''steal all the attention.'' Heres how i made it happen;

First, I tore all of the padded frames off the top. I made sure to take them off carefully so i could use them for future projects. Its a good thing too cuz i actually put one back on the box in the end.

The second step was to take some inexpensive quilter fabric and cover the bottom of the box.
I tend to be an impatient person and never take the proper time to cut fabric straight, but i learned the best trick to get it spot on. On straight woven fabric make a cut at the end about the size of a 1/4 in. Then just use your hands and tear the fabric. It makes a frayed edge that add a lot of character to a piece plus it tears straight with the fabric grain. (Saves all that time cutting!!!!) I simply used hot glue to adhere it on the box.

I covered the top with a piece of gunny sac i picked up on our last trip to Kansas. Once again hot glue did the trick. I tried folding the corners in but found it was too bulky and the lid wouldn't close. I simply went on to plan B;) I ran a bead of glue on the inside of the fold, after it dried i cut right up the edge of the box. Because the glue was underneath- the sac did not fray. 

The sides were just folded inside and glued.

This part of the project is my favorite. I simply glued fringe all around the box. It was too clean and white so i used the heat gun to burn the edges. Ill be sure to teach ya how to make
 the fringe in a future post.

Now remember the frames from the original....A Dab glue + A little Bling = A lot of Bliss.
Using the some vintage fringe, i made a flower.  I also added some extra trim and embellishments on the top.  Along with a hand stamped tag and frame... the box came to life.

I just love the end result. I had so much fun doing it and couldn't stop. I made three more boxes to add to the collection.  I truly was all boxed up in this project!!!

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