Monday, February 27, 2012


We love to craft and always have some sort of "new and improved" project going on. This last season we  had a blast creating and were big into the crowns and glitz. Here's a glimpse of what this next year has to offer. We are so excited about this new twist on an old classic. The incredible CROWN!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Star of My SHow.

I love to visit flea markets because you never know what you will find.  At the last market my eye caught a frame less girl on canvas. Much to my pleasant surprise she was only a few bucks, and for that price i just couldn't pass her up. Of course she was not "blinged" out enough for my taste so here's what i did.

I started by using a scrap piece of burlap from a previous project. There was a giant hole in it, so it felt right to make it into the shape of a girl. I added a little twine around the edges.  I love to incorporate glitter into all my projects, so i glued a little surrounding her body.

Over the years i have found glitter to be really expensive. So i settle for the cheap (large flaked) kind found in the arts and crafts section for kids.  It has the same effect for half the price!

Next, i simply glued some Acrylic stones to her dress for added depth and drama.

I used 2 Pitts of a Pear vintage ribbon bundled in loops next.  I hot glued it into the corner for added texture. This ribbon is hand dyed and brings a lot of character to any project. I especially love the vintage appeal it provides.

You can purchase this ribbon anytime from us by email or at our booth locations.  Each bundle is unique and different. Available in 12ft, 24ft, and 33ft. It certainly makes a huge impact for  a little cost.

I finished off this piece with some hand made flowers and buttons. A simple fringe was hot glued to the edges bringing the whole thing together. I then tied some ribbon to the back to hang the piece. This plain jane find became the star of my show!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boxed Up!!

I recently found a couple plain and worn down boxes at the local thrift store. They caught my eye and the next thing ya know i had bought them all. A minor dent at just .75 cents each. I figured "what the heck they deserve to have a moment of glory", so with a little TLC i revamped them into boxes that shine and ''steal all the attention.'' Heres how i made it happen;

First, I tore all of the padded frames off the top. I made sure to take them off carefully so i could use them for future projects. Its a good thing too cuz i actually put one back on the box in the end.

The second step was to take some inexpensive quilter fabric and cover the bottom of the box.
I tend to be an impatient person and never take the proper time to cut fabric straight, but i learned the best trick to get it spot on. On straight woven fabric make a cut at the end about the size of a 1/4 in. Then just use your hands and tear the fabric. It makes a frayed edge that add a lot of character to a piece plus it tears straight with the fabric grain. (Saves all that time cutting!!!!) I simply used hot glue to adhere it on the box.

I covered the top with a piece of gunny sac i picked up on our last trip to Kansas. Once again hot glue did the trick. I tried folding the corners in but found it was too bulky and the lid wouldn't close. I simply went on to plan B;) I ran a bead of glue on the inside of the fold, after it dried i cut right up the edge of the box. Because the glue was underneath- the sac did not fray. 

The sides were just folded inside and glued.

This part of the project is my favorite. I simply glued fringe all around the box. It was too clean and white so i used the heat gun to burn the edges. Ill be sure to teach ya how to make
 the fringe in a future post.

Now remember the frames from the original....A Dab glue + A little Bling = A lot of Bliss.
Using the some vintage fringe, i made a flower.  I also added some extra trim and embellishments on the top.  Along with a hand stamped tag and frame... the box came to life.

I just love the end result. I had so much fun doing it and couldn't stop. I made three more boxes to add to the collection.  I truly was all boxed up in this project!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome Fellow Followers

Welcome to 2 Pitts of a Pear, a household where crafting and creating meets design and decor. The happy place where unique and distinctive items are found. Where once you start looking- you'll have to have one for yourself. We are true believers in finding that perfect item to finish off the space and hope you'll be able to discover one here. At 2 Pitts of a Pear you'll find how too's, decor, and crafty projects that will inspire you to find your own outlet of creativity. Enjoy!!!